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Hey Slaydolls! Use Code "SLAY" FREE-SHIPPING
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Mink Collection

Lengths: 12-30in 
Weft: Machine Double Stitch 
Weight: 100 grams / 3.5 oz ber bundle 
Grade: 9A 
Color: Natural 1B (Can bleach to a #27 honey blonde)

We are offering to our SlayDolls 
Our Quality Hair for affordable price! soft and super silky 
This mink hair collection can be straighten,curled,colored 
and can last up to 
6-8 months with proper care. 
GRADE: 9A 100% human hair 
Lengths 12-30 inches

what is Mink Hair? 
Mink coats are luxuriously soft and seductively beautiful and exude class and undeniable quality, and the same goes for mink hair. But hold on! No cute, little fuzzy animals are killed in the production of mink hair. 
It is, rather, just the term applied to high-quality human hair. Maybe it's a bit faddish, but it does correctly convey the sense of the softness, silkiness, and durability of mink h